Busy Moms Guide to an Organized Life

Discover the top reasons you want to get organized, learn about task management and effective delegation. You are not Superwoman — you don’t have to do it all! A simple Time Map exercise will help you manage your time and tasks. Learn “space and place” tips, time-saving tips, and helpful organizing products for moms and kids. You will leave this workshop feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to get organized! Best suited for moms with kids, preschool to middle school.


“Going green” is a top trend these days. Learn how to incorporate the 3 R’s — reduce, reuse, and recycle — into your daily life. From assessing shopping habits to eliminating junk mail, you will receive immediately usable tips to become lean and green while making your home and life more organized! By the end of this workshop, you will be motivated and excited to weave your eco-organizing tips into your daily life.

Family Command Center

Learn how to set up a “Family Command Center” in your home: a centrally-located station designed to route the flow of daily paperwork coming into and out of the home. Store important information so it is easily accessible to all family members and manage household communications and activities. This workshop is customizable and highly interactive. Participants bring paperwork from home in order to create (option 1) a ready-to-use filing box or (option 2) a Family Resource Binder. Makes an effective use of time as a couples workshop!

Organize Your Purse, Organize Your Life

See how organizing can be fun! The 5 principles you'll learn will carry over into just about any organizing project you aim to tackle in your home or office. You’ll be inspired to keep the clutter-clearing moving through all aspects of your life. Host a Girl's Night In with wine & appetizers!

Stress-Free Holidays

Would you like to create a meaningful, stress-free holiday season? Getting organized is the key to managing a fantastic, stress-free season. Thoughtful planning, deliberate delegation, and focusing on simplicity will help you survive — and truly enjoy — the upcoming weeks. The Holiday Inventory and Task List Activity will help you discover how you really want to spend your time this year. By enlisting help from family members, you can have a relaxing, joyous holiday season!

Custom Workshop

Do you have an idea for a workshop? We can customize the topic based on your needs and the interest of your small group. Some ideas might include: recipe swaps, closet organization and clothing swaps, organizing makeover of a pantry or laundry room, etc. 

HOST a Workshop

Hosting a small group workshop with close friends and family members is fun and can be a great way to establish accountability partnerships toward common goals of a more organized lifestyle.

Each workshop is 2 Hours and includes:

  • affordable access to a professional organizer
  • interactive discovery activities
  • highlights of favorite products & apps
  • 'hands-on demonstration' in the hostess' home
  • thank you gift for the hostess and raffle drawing for guests
  • opportunity to earn FREE hours toward organizing services

Cost: $25 per person

(Additional, optional fee applies to the Family Command Center Workshop)